The Nairana-class escort carriers were a trio of British escort carriers that entered service between April and August 1941. They were constructed one each in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland to the same basic design during the Second World War for service with the Royal Navy.

Converted from merchant ships, they were only able to accommodate a composite squadron of about 15–20 aircraft. Their armaments were mainly anti-aircraft weapons, with one twin 4 inch Dual Purpose, Anti Aircraft gun. One of the class, Campania, was the first British carrier to be fitted with an Action Information Organisation (AIO) and a Type 277 radar able to detect low-level aircraft.

Once completed the first carrier did not take part in active service until January 1942, but all three served as convoy escorts during the war. They had some success during their patrols, and anti-submarine Fairey Swordfish flying from their decks sank and damaged some German U-boats and their fighters succeeded in shooting down German long-range reconnaissance aircraft.

Unit Run[edit | edit source]

  • HMS Nairana (D05) – commissioned on August 15th, 1941
  • HMS Campania (D48) – commissioned on April 6th, 1941
  • HMS Vindex (D15) – commissioned on April 6th, 1941
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