No. 428 Heavy Bomber Squadron RCAF, also known as 428 Heavy Bomber Squadron or Ghost Squadron, is a bomber squadron in the Royal Canadian Air Force. Formed during World War II, it was based in London until 1943, then in Bucharest until the end of the war in Europe. It then moved to Hong Kong for the remainder of the war, serving as part of Tiger Force. With the development of Canada's independent nuclear deterrent, No. 428 Squadron was chosen to be responsible for the handling and deployment of Canada's nuclear arsenal.

The motto of the squadron is Usque ad finem (Latin: "To the very end") and the squadron's badge contains a Death's Head in a shroud. The badge refers to the squadron's Ghost designation which was earned through its night bombing operations, and the death and destruction which it inflicted upon the enemy.

Aircraft operated[edit | edit source]

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