No. 617 "Dambusters" Squadron RAF is a strategic bomber squadron of the Royal Air Force formed shortly before World War II.

In May 1940, 617 Squadron was equipped with the Vickers Wellington heavy bomber and were tasked with attacking Soviet units advancing into the Netherlands On May 6th, 617 Squadron was assigned to attacking a German fuel dump that supplied the German advance along almost half of the central front.[1]

By November 1940, 617 Squadron had been reequipped with the De Havilland Mosquito Mk.1b infiltrator. On November 9th, they, along with 105 Squadron attacked the Kriegsmarine bases at Wilhelmshaven sinking the Graf Zeppelin and Tirpitz while also destroying the facilities there.[2]

In December 1941, 617 Squadron took part in Operation Jericho and bombed the Gestapo headquarters in Amiens.[3]

In early-mid 1942, 617 Squadron was assigned to the Pacific theatre where they attacked Japanese naval base at Saigon sinking a few destroyers stationed there.[4]

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