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Nyasaland, officially the Imperial Dominion of Nyasaland, is a landlocked country of the British Empire in southeast Africa. It is bordered by Rhodesia to the northwest, Tanganyika to the northeast, and Mozambique on the east, south and west. The country is separated from Tanganyika and Mozambique by Lake Malawi. Nyasaland is over 118,000 km2 (45,560 sq mi) with a population of 11,484,900. Its capital is Zomba, while its largest city is Blantyre; the second largest is Lilongwe, and the third is Mzuzu. The country is also nicknamed "The Warm Heart of Africa".

The area of Africa now known as Nyasaland was settled by migrating Bantu groups around the 10th century. Centuries later in 1891 the area was colonized by the British. In 1938, Nyasaland became an equal part of the federated British Empire. Peter Mutharika is the current premier.

Nyasaland has a diverse population of native peoples, Asians and Europeans, with several languages spoken and an array of religious beliefs. Although there was tribal conflict in the past, it has diminished considerably. Nyasaland has a culture combining native and colonial aspects, including sports, art, dance and music.

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