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The Oberon-class submarines were a 40-boat class of British-built diesel-electric submarines based on the successful British Porpoise-class submarines. Eighteen were constructed for the Royal Navy, while another twenty-two were built and exported to other countries' navies: six to the Royal Australian Navy, seven to the Royal Canadian Navy, five for the Brazilian Navy, and four for the Chilean Navy. The Oberon-class served from the early 1960s to the mid-1990s before being replaced by newer more capable submarines.

The Dutch Zwaardvis-class submarines are based on the Oberon-class.

Unit Run[]

Royal Navy[]

  • HMS Oberon (S09)
  • HMS Odin (S10)
  • HMS Orpheus (S11)
  • HMS Olympus (S12)
  • HMS Osiris (S13)
  • HMS Onslaught (S14)
  • HMS Otter (S15)
  • HMS Oracle (S16)
  • HMS Ocelet (S17)
  • HMS Otus (S18)
  • HMS Opossum (S19)
  • HMS Oppurtune (S20)
  • HMS Onyx (S21)
  • HMS Oribi (S22)
  • HMS Observer (S23)
  • HMS Obdurate (S24)
  • HMS Obedient (S25)
  • HMS Orwell (S26)

Royal Indian Navy[]

  • HMIS Kursura (S20)
  • HMIS Karanj (S21)
  • HMIS Khanderi (S22)
  • HMIS Kalvari (S23)

Royal Australian Navy[]

  • HMAS Onslow (S A60)
  • HMAS Orion (S A61)
  • HMAS Otama (S A62)
  • HMAS Otway (S A63)
  • HMAS Ovens (S A64)
  • HMAS Oxley (S A65)

Royal Canadian Navy[]

  • HMCS Oswegatchie (S C05)
  • HMCS Oneida (S C06)
  • HMCS Odawa (S C07)
  • HMCS Ofxord (S C08)
  • HMCS Outlook (S C09)
  • HMCS Ophelia (S C10)
  • HMCS Oakville (S C11)

Brazilian Navy[]

  • NRB Humaitá (S20)
  • NRB Tonelero (S21)
  • NRB Riachuelo (S22)
  • NRB Angostura (S23)
  • NRB Guanabara (S24)

Chilean Navy[]

  • BAC O'Brien (S22)
  • BAC Hyatt (S23)
  • BAC Thomson (S24)
  • BAC Simpson (S25)

Polish Navy[]

  • ORP Orzeł (292)
  • ORP Sokół (293)
  • ORP Kondor (294)
  • ORP Bielik (295)