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The Ol-class tankers were Royal Fleet Auxiliary "fast fleet tankers" tasked with providing fuel, food, fresh water, ammunition and other supplies to Royal Navy vessels around the world. The five ships in the class, RFA Olynthus, RFA Olna, RFA Oleander, RFA Olwen, and RFA Olmeda were an evolution of the earlier Tide-class replenishment oilers. The ships were replaced by the Wave-class. One modified Ol-class vessel, RIS Kharg, was built for the Republic of Iran Navy in 1977, delivered in 1984, and is still active as of 2012.

Unit Run[]

British Empire[]

  • RFA Olynthus (A122)
  • RFA Olna (A123)
  • RFA Oleander (A124)
  • RFA Olwen (A125)
  • RFA Olmeda (A126)


  • RIS Kharg