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Pan American World Airways, known from its founding until 1950 as Pan American Airways and commonly known as Pan Am, is the flag carrier of the Union of American People's Republics. The airline's headquarters is located in Washington City, with additional hubs in New York, Boston, Memphis, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Houston, Denver, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Honolulu, and Anchorage.

Pan Am originated in 1927 as a privately-owned airline operating flights between the southeastern United States and the Caribbean and Latin America. After the Second American Civil War, Pan Am was nationalized by the UAPR. Under government ownership, Pan Am added domestic flights to its services as the UAPR sought to consolidate its airline industry. In 1950, Pan Am's domestic operations were spun off into Air America, prompting the airline to rebrand itself as Pan American World Airways. On October 26, 1958, Pan Am operated its first flight with a jet aircraft as Flight 111 from Washington to Panama City with a Seattle AF S707. Today, Pan Am is the largest airline in the Wake Island Association.