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List of future or planned Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force projects.

Royal Canadian Air Force[]

  • The Indigenous Fighter Aircraft Program (IFAP) is a program to design and build a fifth-generation fighter jet entirely in Canada, incorporating lessons learned with the unsuccessful Supermarine Spiteful, including less of a focus on stealth. The RCAF and RCN have considered merging the IFAP with the Supplementary Carrier Aircraft Program, but are waiting for designs to make a judgement. Avro Canada, de Havilland Canada, and Canadair have entered into the program to submit designs, while Orenda, Pratt & Whitney, and Raytheon, among others, have offered to design parts.
  • The Next Generation AWACS Aircraft (NGAA) project is intended to develop and purchase and AWACS aircraft based on the Canadair CS130.
  • The Next Generation Bomber Aircraft (NGBA) program is intended to purchase or design a new multirole bomber aircraft which can perform tactical and strategic bombing missions and serve as a delivery system for Canada's nuclear arsenal. This bomber would replace the Avro Vulcan and supplement the Avro Lancaster II.

Royal Canadian Navy[]

  • The Joint Support Ship Project (JSSP) is a program to replace the current Protecteur-class replenishment vessels with new joint support ships, providing support to naval task forces, a limited sealift capability and limited theatre command and control.
  • The Arctic Patrol Ship Project (APSP) is a program to build up to 15 Arctic patrol ships capable of operating with polar class 1 (PC-1), and to establish RCNB Nanisivik in Arctic Bay, Baffin Island, Nunavut that would support RCN operations in the Northwest Passage and adjacent waters.
  • The Canadian Destroyer eXperimental Project (CDXP) is a multi-stage program to three new classes of destroyers for the Royal Canadian Navy each with improvements over the previous class.
  • The Fast Sealift Ship Project (FSSP) is a program to supplement the Amphibious Assault Ship Project by procuring a number of fast sealift ships to transport Canadian troops and vehicles.
  • The Next Generation Mine Warfare Vessel Project (NGMP) is a program to build a fleet of dedicated mine warfare vessels for the Royal Canadian Navy so that the Kingston-class can be used for patrol duties.
  • The Next Generation Multirole Frigate Project (NGFP) is project to eventually replace the Halifax-class with a class of twenty 6,500 ton multirole frigates.
  • The Patrol Killer eXperimental Project (PKXP) is an RCN program to build a feet of a next generation patrol craft with weaponry such as 76mm guns and the Broadsword anti-ship missiles. It is expected that the RCN will construct eighteen ships.
  • A new naval base at Port Hardy is under construction due to RCNB Esquimalt's proximity to the UAPR. Other naval bases around Canada are also being modernized and expanded to accommodate future expansion.
  • The Supplementary Carrier Aircraft Program (SCAP) seeks to acquire a large, heavyweight, twin engine, two seat multirole fighter to complement the Supermarine Sea Typhoon.
  • The Tank Landing Ship Project (TLSP) is a program to build six LSTs with an empty displacement of 5,500 tons between 2015 and 2018.
  • The HMCS Warrior Replacement Program (HWRP) is a program to build a new aircraft carrier to replace the aging HMCS Warrior which is nearly forty years old as of 2013. The planned design for the Warrior's replacement is expected to be an indigenously designed and build nuclear powered supercarrier.