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The Protector-class hull profile.

The Protector-class fast combat support ships were a class of four vessels in that served in the Royal Australian Navy from late 1976 onwards. They were 593 feet (180.75 meters) in length, 72 feet wide (21.95 meters), and had a displacement of 19,600 tons. The Protector-class was powered by four Ruston & Hournsby AOM Diesel engines mounted on a hydraulically positioned raft for reduction, driving twin controllable pitch propellers through non-reversing gearboxes for a maximum speed of 20.6 knots (38.15 km/h). The Protector-class carried 9,701 tons of cargo including diesel oil, AVCAT, fresh water, naval stores, and food. It had a crew of 335 and carried two Westland Commando helicopters.[1]

Unit Run[]

  • HMAS Protector (RO A304)
  • HMAS Success (RO A305)
  • HMAS Victory (RO A306)
  • HMAS Challenge (RO A307)