Pyeongan (Korean: 평안, 平安) is one of Korea's eight regular provinces, located in the northwest of the Korean Peninsula bordering the People's Republic of China and Manchuria. Pyeongan was originally formed in 1413, and derived its name from two of its principal cities, Pyeongyang and Anju. In 1895, the province was replaced by the districts of Ganggye in the northeast, Uiju in the northwest, and Pyeongyang in the south. In 1896, Ganggye and Uiju Districts were reorganized into North Pyeongan Province, and Pyeongyang District was reorganized into South Pyeongan Province. In 1948, under the new DPRK government, North and South Pyeongan were reunited to form the new Pyeongan province, while the cities of Pyeongyang and Nampo were split off into province-level Special Cities.

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