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The Quebec Rebellion, also known as the Quebec Uprising or, less commonly, as the Quebecois War of Independence, was a brief armed rebellion with the goal of creating an independent socialist state out of the Canadian province of Quebec. On March 18th, 1941, Quebec separatists from the Communist Party of Quebec and related groups, believed to have been trained by American agents, set off bombs in Canadian government buildings in Quebec City, Montreal, and other large Quebecois cities, killing Canadian Governor General The Lord Tweedsmuir. The rebels took partial control of the province and proclaimed the independence of the Socialist Republic of Quebec. For several days, the rebels controlled important areas, but the Canadian Army, aided covertly by the Special Air Service, moved in from Ontario and New Brunswick, fighting battles in Montreal, Rimouski, and Trois-Rivieres. Public opinion in Quebec turned strongly against the rebels when, on March 22nd, the rebels publicly broadcasted their execution of Jean-Marie-Rodrigue Villeneuve, Cardinal of Quebec. By March 29th, the Royal 22e Regiment of the Canadian Army entered Quebec City, and after a short battle, defeated the rebels and captured their leadership, ending the rebellion.