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RCAF Station Greenwood is a (IATA: YZX, ICAO: CYZX) is a Royal Canadian Air Force base located in Greenwood, Nova Scotia. It is primarily operated as an air force base by the RCAF and RCN Fleet Air Arm.

Units Stationed[]

  • 14 Wing Greenwood
    • No. 404 Transport Squadron (CC-130 Bison)
    • No. 405 Transport Squadron (CC-150 Polaris)
    • No. 413 Transport and Rescue Squadron (CC-130 Bison, CV-131 Dynavert, CH-146 Griffon)
    • No. 433 Infiltrator Squadron (CA-165 Mosquito II)
    • No. 457 “Blue Devils” Air Demonstration Squadron (CF-185A Typhoon)