RCNB Halifax, also referred to as HMCS Stadacona, is an RCN naval base in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was formerly the primary RCN Atlantic Fleet Base until after World War II. During the Cold War, RCNB St. John's became the primary naval base in the Atlantic. The USS Arizona and HMCS Vimy Ridge are museum ships at RCNB Halifax.

Ships[edit | edit source]

Active Ships[edit | edit source]

  • HMCS Halifax (FM C330)
  • HMCS Ottawa (FM 343)
  • HMCS Saskatoon (M C709)
  • HMCS Brandon (M C710)
  • HMCS Grizzly (PC-60)
  • HMCS Heron (PC-63)
  • HMCS Albatross (PC-69)

Museums[edit | edit source]

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