RCNB Nanoose Bay, also known as the Canadian Forces Maritime Experimental and Test Ranges (CFMETR) is a maritime test facility of the Royal Canadian Navy located on the east side of Vancouver Island, at Nanoose Bay.

The ranges operated by CFMETR are located over an area of the Strait of Georgia — known as Area "Whiskey Golf" — that is several hundred metres deep, several dozen kilometres long and several kilometres wide over a seabed composed of soft mud and free of underwater obstacles. The facility employs a 3-dimensional sonar tracking system for monitoring the performance and position of objects in these waters for real-time tracking.

Equipment tested at the facility consists of a variety of devices, including sonobuoys, sonar systems (ship and aircraft), torpedoes and the repair and overhaul of the dipping sonar used on Canada's Cyclone helicopter fleet. No explosives are used.

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