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RCNB Protector in late 1943.

RCNB Protector is a RCN naval base located next to Sydney Harbour, on Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island. It was founded in 1940 and used by the navy during the Second World War. It was mainly used to provision, protect and repair the various merchant marine convoys to Quebec, Halifax, and the United Kingdom. It was a main combat zone during the Battle of the St. Lawrence and the more general Battle of the Atlantic.

After World War II, the base would gain a tourist attraction in the form of the German Type IXC U-Boat KMS U-889.


  • HMCS Merciful (SHR-01)
  • HMCS Cougar (PC-61)
  • HMCS Swordfish (PC-66)
  • HMCS Beaver (PC-70)