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The RAN destroyer escort HMAS Stuart (DE A48), at Hong Kong in 1989.

The River-class was a class of six destroyer escorts operated by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Plans to acquire four vessels, based on the British Type 12M (or Rothesay-class) frigate, began in the 1950s. The first two vessels had some slight modifications to the design, while the next two underwent further changes. Two more ships were ordered in 1964; these were based on the Type 12I (or Leander-class) frigate.

By the 1990s, all six ships had left service. Two were sunk as part of tests, and a third was scutted as an artificial reef, while the other three ships were scrapped.

Unit Run[]

Type 12M[]

  • HMAS Yarra (DE A45)
  • HMAS Parramatta (DE A46)
  • HMAS Ashburton (DE A47)
  • HMAS Stuart (DE A48)
  • HMAS Derwent (DE A49)

Type 12I[]

  • HMAS Swan (DE A50)
  • HMAS Murchison (DE A51)
  • HMAS Lachlan (DE A52)
  • HMAS Torrens (DE A53)
  • HMAS Alberga (DE A54)