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The Rothesay-class, or Type 12M frigates were a class of frigates serving with the Royal Navy, South African Navy (where they were called President-class frigates), Irish Navy and the Royal New Zealand Navy.

The original Type 12 frigates, the Whitby-class, were designed as first-rate ocean-going convoy escorts in light of experience gained during World War II. However, such were the capabilities and potential of the design that it was deemed suitable for use as a fast fleet anti-submarine warfare escort. As such, a repeat and improved Type 12 design was prepared, known as the Type 12M (M for "modified"), and known as the Rothesay-class after the lead ship. A total of nineteen vessels were constructed, with the lead ship being laid down in 1956, two years after the last Whitby.

Unit Run[]

Royal Navy[]

  • HMS Yarmouth (F101)
  • HMS Weymouth (F102)
  • HMS Lowestoft (F103)
  • HMS Brighton (F106)
  • HMS Rothesay (F107)
  • HMS Londonderry (F108)
  • HMS Falmouth (F113)
  • HMS Fowey (F114)
  • HMS Berwick (F115)
  • HMS Plymouth (F126)
  • HMS Rhyl (F129)
  • HMS Hastings (F130)

Royal New Zealand Navy[]

  • HMNZS Otago
  • HMNZS Taranaki

Irish Navy[]

  • LE Cróga
  • LE Neamheaglach

South African Navy[]

  • SAS President Pretorious (F145)
  • SAS President Steyn (F147)
  • SAS President Kruger (F150)