The Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie (Arabic: الدرك الملكي المغربي Al-Darak al-Malikiy al-Maghribiy; French: Gendarmerie royale marocaine; Spanish: Gendarmería Real de Marruecos) is the Gendarmerie body of Morocco, and comes under the authority of the Ministry of Defence.

Like other members of the FIEP organization, the legislation which founded the Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie describes it as a public force designed to guarantee public security and public order and the implementation of laws. This legislation text attaches the Gendarmerie to the Royal Moroccan Army, then constituting a military force in its structure, administration and command forms. It consists of officers and NCOs.

The Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie was founded in 1957 by the late King Mohammed V. The structure of its functions has been determined by the two major different but complementary traditions. One of them has its roots in the history and culture of Morocco. The gendarmerie was born of Moroccan administrative and political system which has ensured public security and maintenance of public order for centuries. The second tradition (Makhzen) is much newer.

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