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The San Giorgio-class amphibious transport docks were a class of three ships built by Fincantieri for the Regia Marina. These ships can lift a battalion of troops, and up to 36 armoured vehicles. The stern floodable dock can accommodate three landing craft and the flight deck has three landing spots. San Giusto is normally employed as a training ship. The ships are based at the Brindisi naval base on the Adriatic coast.

The two oldest vessels of this class are scheduled for replacement. The Italian navy has received the go-ahead to procure two 20,000-ton 190 meters (623 ft.) long amphibious assault ships (Landing Helicopter Dock), with the possibility of a third ship, configured with extensive aviation facilities (Landing Helicopter Assault).

In July 2011 the Algerian Navy ordered to Fincantieri an improved version of the San Giorgio-class amphibious transport ships classified as Bâtiment de Débarquement et de Soutien Logistique (BDSL). On January 8th 2014, the BDSL was launched on a barge at the Fincantieri shipyard in Sestri Levante. The Kalaat Beni-Abbes is set to be fitted with Aster 15 and Aster 30 behind the island superstructure, with one OTO Melara 76mm Super Rapid at the bow and with two 25mm remote weapon stations. The BDSL can accommodate three Landing Craft Mechanized, three small Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel, one large Landing Craft Personnel and two semi-rigid boats. The hangar can accommodate up to 15 armored vehicles. The crew will consist in 150 sailors while the ship may accommodate a landing force of 440 soldiers.


  • Type: Landing Platform Dock
  • Service Period: 1987-Present
  • Characteristics:
    • Length: 467 feet (142.34 meters)
    • Beam: 67 feet (20.42 meters)
    • Displacement: 7,815 tons
  • Capacity: 350 men with 30 medium tanks or 36 tracked armoured vehicles
  • Crew: 180 (17 officers and 163 ratings)
  • Propulsion: 2 x Fincantieri GMT A 420.12 diesel engines
  • Range: 7,500 nautical miles (13,890 kilometers) at 16 knots (29.63 km/h)
  • Speed: 21 knots (38.9 km/h)
  • Sensor Suite:
    • MM/SPQ 702 search radar
    • SPN-748 navigation radar
    • Selex RTN-10X fire control radar
  • Countermeasures:
    • Elettronica SpA ECM/ESM suite
  • Armament:
    • 1 x Otobreda 76mm Super Rapid naval gun
    • 2 x 20mm guns
    • 1 x Sylver A50 VLS (fires Aster 15 and Aster 30 SAMs)
    • 2 x 25mm remote weapons stations
  • Aircraft carried 3 x Sea King SH-3D or 5 x Agusta Bell AB-212 helicopters
  • Aviation Facilties: Flight deck with three landing spots, no hangar (but San Giusto is capable to move AB212 sized helicopters to and from the vehicle deck)


Regia Marina[]

  • RM San Giorgio (L9892)
  • RM San Marco (L9893)
  • RM San Giusto (L9894)

Algerian Navy[]

  • Kalaat Beni-Abbes