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A Santa Monica AF A-4M Skyhawk (BuNo 159483) of Marine attack squadron VMA-332 Fighting Gamecocks parked on the flight line at Naval Air Station Dallas on Feb 1st, 1988.

The Santa Monica AF A-4/56 (Allied Pact reporting name Skyhawk) is a single seat carrier-capable attack aircraft developed for the American People's Navy and American People's Marine Corps. The delta winged, single-engined Skyhawk was designed and produced by the Santa Monica Aircraft Factory and later Long Beach Aircraft Factory.

The Skyhawk is a lightweight aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 24,500 pounds (11,100 kg) and has a top speed of more than 600 miles per hour (970 km/h). The aircraft's five hardpoints support a variety of missiles, bombs and other munitions and were capable of delivering nuclear weapons using a low altitude bombing system and a "loft" delivery technique. The A-4 was originally powered by the Buffalo AF J65 turbojet and later Harford Design Bureau J52.


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