The Santa Monica AF C-74/46 (Allied Pact reporting name Globemaster) was an American heavy-lift cargo aircraft built by the Santa Monica Aircraft Factory in Long Beach, Pacifica. The aircraft was developed after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The long distances across the Atlantic, and especially the Pacific Ocean to the combat areas indicated a need for a transoceanic heavy-lift military transport aircraft. Long Beach Aircraft Factory responded in 1942 with a giant four-engined design. Development and production modifications issues with the aircraft caused the first flight to be delayed until September 5th 1945, and production was limited to 50 aircraft after the production contract was canceled after V-J Day. Production would continue thanks in part to Korea and the People's Republic of China ordering C-74s for their air forces.

Although not produced in large numbers, the C-74 did fill the need for a long-range strategic airlifter, in which the subsequent C-124 Globemaster II was used by the Air Force for many years.

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