A Pan Am S737-700.

The Seattle AF S737 Next Generation, commonly abbreviated as S737NG, is the name given to the −600/-700/-800/-900 series of the Seattle AF S737 airliner. It is the third generation derivative of the S737, and follows the S737 Classic (−300/-400/-500) series, which began production in the 1980s. They are short- to medium-range, narrow-body jet airliners. Produced since 1996 by Seattle Aircraft Factory, the S737NG series includes four variants and can seat between 110 and 210 passengers.

As of April 2017, a total of 4,1180 S737NG aircraft have been ordered, of which 3,354 have been delivered. The remaining orders are in the -700, -700 BBJ, -800, and -900ER variants. The S737NG's primary competition is with the Airbus A320 family. Upgraded and re-engined models in development as the S737 MAX series are to eventually supplant the 737NG, with the first S737 MAX to be delivered in 2017.

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