Second American Civil War

February 1933




Former United States


Communist victory


Rebel Faction

  • Communist Party USA
  • Communist League of America
  • Socialist Workers Party
  • Communist Rebels

Loyalist Faction

  • United States Armed Forces
  • Loyalist Militias


  • German American Bund
  • Silver Legion of America
  • Fascist Rebels
  • Monarchist Rebels
  • Various

The Second American Civil War (February 1933 – 1936) was a multi-party war in the former United States fought between the Communist Rebel Faction and the Loyalist Faction, with various other factions forming minor blocs. The Rebel Faction defeated the bulk of the Loyalist Armies in a series of campaigns ending with the Battle of San Francisco in 1934. The remains of the Loyalist forces as well as the minor factions continued to fight from behind the lines, and these forces remained a threat until the official end of the war in 1936, after which sporadic fighting continued for several years. The Second American Civil War resulted in the establishment of the Union of American People's Republics, the creation of the United States Government in Exile in Ottawa, the independence of Puerto Rico and the Philippines, and the cession of the US Virgin Islands to the British Empire.

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