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The Soldati-class destroyers were a group of destroyers built for the Italian Navy during World War II. The ships were named after military professions (Artigliere, for example, meaning "artilleryman"). There were two batches; twelve ships were built in 1938-39, and a second batch of seven ships were ordered and completed after World War II.

Unit Run[]

First Batch[]

  • RM Camicia Nera
  • RM Aviere
  • RM Artigliere
  • RM Geniere
  • RM Carabiniere
  • RM Fuciliere
  • RM Granatiere
  • RM Corazziere
  • RM Lanciere
  • RM Bersagliere
  • RM Alpino
  • RM Ascari

Batch Two[]

  • RM Mitragliere
  • RM Legionario
  • RM Corsaro
  • RM Bombardiere
  • RM Velite
  • RM Carrista
  • RM Squadrista