The Son Won-il-class submarines are a class of eleven submarines in service or under construction in the Korean Navy from December 2007 onwards.

Unit Run[edit | edit source]

  • KPNS Son Won-il (SS-072)
  • KPNS Jeong ji (SS-073)
  • KPNS Min Yeong-hwan (SS-074)
  • KPNS An Jung-geun (SS-075)
  • KPNS Kim Jwa-Jin (SS-076)
  • KPNS Yun Bong-gil (SS-077)
  • KPNS Ryu Gwansun (SS-078)
  • KPNS Hong Beom-do (SS-079)
  • KPNS Unnamed (SS-080)
  • KPNS Lee Beom-seok (SS-081)
  • KPNS Shin Dol-seok (SS-082)
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