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The Last War is a television series produced by the ARD, the BBC, the CBC, and the United Artists that was concluded as planned after six seasons with 186 90-minute long episodes.


In 2005, after lengthy civil disturbances due to crop failures and the collapse of the Alliance Economic Cooperative, a coup takes place in America, with military hardliners taking over. To stabilize their rule, they look at fermenting a foreign threat and begin to make demands of total nuclear disarmament of Canada and the withdrawal of most Allied forces from North America. After several stages of mutual escalation, the Allies and the Wake Island Association begin to mobilize and in late May, 2005, American tanks cross the Canadian border...

Production Notes[]

Known as "the biggest and most expensive TV project of all time," The Last War is a production in the vein of "Threads" and "Swing on to Tomorrow" with the exception that there is no nuclear war involved. Known also for it's several major plot threads that sometimes spanned several seasons, The Last War has already become a modern classic, going so far that the first press of the full MMD pack was sold out within less than a week in Canada, Britain and Germany alike. It was also known for using a groundbreaking combination of physical models and computer animation.

The production is also known for several spectacular shots of western military equipment that were made possible by the co-operation of several British, German and Canadian military organizations.