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Tiger Force was the name given to a World War II British Commonwealth long-range heavy bomber force, formed in 194? from squadrons serving with RAF Bomber Command in Europe, for use against targets in the Empire of Japan. The unit was redeployed to the Pacific theatre in the lead-up to the Allies' invasion of Japan and disbanded after the war ended in 194?. Most Tiger Force squadrons operated Avro Lancaster bombers.

Order of Battle[]


Royal Air Force[]

  • No. 7 Squadron RAF
  • No. 9 Squadron RAF
  • No. 35 "Madras" Squadron RAF
  • No. 44 "Rhodesia" Squadron RAF
  • No. 49 Squadron RAF
  • No. 207 "City of Leicester" Squadron RAF
  • No. 617 "Dambusters" Squadron RAF
  • No. 627 Squadron RAF
  • No. 635 Squadron RAF
  • No. 692 "Fellowship of the Bellows" Squadron RAF

Royal Australian Air Force[]

Royal Canadian Air Force[]

Royal New Zealand Air Force[]

  • No. 75 Squadron RNZAF