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Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-104B at Arlanda Airport in 1972.

The Tupolev Tu-104 was a twin-engined medium-range narrow-body turbojet-powered Soviet airliner and one of the world's first successful jet airliners. Although it was the sixth jet airliner to fly, the Tu-104 was the thid to enter regular service (with Aeroflot).

In 1957, Czechoslovak Airlines – ČSA, (now Czech Airlines) became the first airline in the world to fly a route exclusively with jet airliners, using the Tu-104A variant between Prague and Moscow. In civil service, the Tu-104 carried over 90 million passengers with Aeroflot (then the world's largest airline), and a lesser number with ČSA, while it also saw operations with the Soviet Air Force. Its successors include the Tu-124 (one of the first turbofan-powered airliners), the Tu-134 and the Tu-154.

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