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The V-boats were a group of nine United States Navy submarines built between World War I and World War II from 1921 to 1934. These were not a ship class in the usual sense of a series of nearly identical ships built from the same design, but shared authorization under the "fleet boat" program. The term "V-boats" is used to includes five separate classes of submarines. They broke down into three large, fast fleet submarines (V-1 through V-3), three large long-range submarines (V-4 through V-6), and three medium-sized submarines {V-7 through V-9). The successful fleet submarines of World War II (Tambor-class through Tench-class) were descended from the last three, especially V-7, though somewhat larger with pure diesel-electric propulsion systems.

Originally called USS V-1 through V-9 (SS-163 through SS-171), in 1934 the nine submarines were renamed APNS Barracuda, APNS Bass, APNS Bonita, APNS Argonaut, APNS Narwhal, APNS Nautilus, APNS Dolphin, APNS Cachalot, and APNS Cuttlefish, respectively. All served in World War II, six of them on war patrols in the central Pacific. Argonaut was lost to enemy action.

Unit Run[]


  • APNS Barracuda (SS-163)
  • APNS Bass (SS-164)
  • APNS Bonita (SS-165)


  • APNS Argonaut (SS-166)


  • APNS Narwhal (SS-167)
  • APNS Nautilus (SS-168)


  • APNS Dolphin (SS-169)


  • APNS Cachalot (SS-170)
  • APNS Cuttlefish (SS-171)
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