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The V- and W-class was an amalgam of six similar classes of destroyer built for the Royal Navy under the War Emergency Programme of the First World War and generally treated as one class. For their time they were among the most powerful and advanced ships of their type in the world, and set the trend for future British designs.

They arrived in time to see service in the First World War. During the interwar period these ships formed the backbone of the Royal Navy's destroyer flotillas until gradually replaced by new construction, by the mid-1930s most had been displaced to the reserve fleet. Most ships survived to make an extensive contribution to the Second World War effort, in the vital role of the convoy escort, freeing up more modern ships for fleet action. Most of the surviving ships were converted to Thames-class gunboats.

Unit Run[]

Admiralty V-class leaders[]

Admiralty V-class[]

  • HMS Vancouver
  • HMS Vanessa
  • HMS Vanity
  • HMS Vanoc
  • HMS Vanquisher
  • HMS Vectis
  • HMS Vega
  • HMS Vehement
  • HMS Velox
  • HMS Vendetta - Transferred to Royal Australian Navy
  • HMS Venetia
  • HMS Venturous
  • HMS Verdun
  • HMS Versatile
  • HMS Verulam
  • HMS Vesper
  • HMS Vidette
  • HMS Vimiera
  • HMS Violent
  • HMS Vittoria
  • HMS Vivacious
  • HMS Vivien
  • HMS Vortigern

Admiralty W-class[]

  • HMS Voyager - Transferred to Royal Australian Navy
  • HMS Wakeful
  • HMS Walker
  • HMS Walpole
  • HMS Walrus
  • HMS Warwick
  • HMS Watchman
  • HMS Waterhen - Transferred to Royal Australian Navy
  • HMS Wessex
  • HMS Westcott
  • HMS Westminster
  • HMS Whirlwind
  • HMS Whitley
  • HMS Winchelsea
  • HMS Winchester
  • HMS Windsor
  • HMS Wolfhound
  • HMS Wrestler
  • HMS Wryneck

Admiralty modified W-class[]

  • HMS Vansittart
  • HMS Venomous
  • HMS Verity
  • HMS Volunteer
  • HMS Wanderer
  • HMS Whitehall
  • HMS Wren
  • HMS Veteran
  • HMS Whitshed
  • HMS Wild Swan
  • HMS Witherington
  • HMS Wivern
  • HMS Wolverine
  • HMS Worcester

Thornycroft V- and W-class[]

  • HMS Viceroy
  • HMS Viscount
  • HMS Wolsey
  • HMS Woolston

Thornycroft modified W-class[]

  • HMS Wishart
  • HMS Witch