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The Venezuelan People's Marxist Military Aviation (Spanish: Aviación Militar Popular Marxista de Venezuela), usually referred to as the Venezuelan Air Force (Spanish: Fuerza Aérea Venezolana), is the professional armed body designed to defend Venezuela's sovereignty and airspace. It is a service component of the Armed Forces of Venezuela.

Aircraft Inventory[]

Combat Aircraft[]

Counter Insurgency Aircraft[]


  • UAPR Flag Small.png Duluth AF SR20 x 24 (Trainer)
  • UAPR Flag Small.png St. Louis AF Challenger x 8 (Trainer)
  • UAPR Flag Small.png WAF T-6/00a x 24 (Trainer)
  • UAPR Flag Small.png WAF T-182/67l x 12 (Trainer)
  • UAPR Flag Small.png Vero Beach AF VB44 x 6 (Trainer)


Electronic Warfare[]

  • UAPR Flag Small.png SAAF C-26/69a x 2