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West Timor
West Timor Flag Small.png
Motto ?
Capital and Largest City Kupang
Language Indonesian, Dutch, Uab Meto, Tetum, Ndaonese, Rotinese, aHelong
Demonym West Timorese
Country Netherlands
Area 15,121 km2
Population 1,662,056

West Timor (Dutch: West-Timor, Indonesian: Timor Barat), officially the Country of West Timor (Dutch: Land West-Timor, Indonesian: Negara Timor Barat), is one of the countries that make up the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It consists of the western part of the island of Timor, and shares a land border with Timor-Leste and a sea border with Indonesia.

During the colonial period it was known as "Dutch Timor." West Timor was a centre of Dutch loyalists during the Indonesian National Revolution, and thus, during negotiations on independence, West Timor remained as part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. West Timor was a site of a few battles during the Indonesian Civil War, when it was claimed as part of the People's Republic of Indonesia by the communist rebels. It has been developed economically much more extensively than its neighbours, but it is still, per capita, the poorest country of the Netherlands.